Have you been recently approved for a mortgage? Maybe you’re looking at applying for a mortgage, and you want to know what happens after. Mortgages are a long, sometimes complicated process. There are a lot of steps to take to get approved for the mortgage. The last thing you want to do is jeopardize it accidentally. Here’s what you should avoid doing right before and after you get that approval for your mortgage.

Don’t get any new credit: Having some form of credit is required to apply for the mortgage. However, it needs to be there before you go looking for homes. Your credit can be checked at any point of the application process. If the mortgage brokers see changes in your credit line, good or bad, it could stop the process altogether or delay it until they get more information.

Don’t miss payments: Even missing one payment shows the mortgage company that might be a liability. It doesn’t matter that this could be the only time you were late on the payment. Keep up with every single payment for your bills, especially credit cards and other loans you have.

What Not to Do After Applying for a Mortgage 1
What Not to Do After Applying for a Mortgage 2

Don’t make large purchases: Stick to one large purchase at a time. Even if you have the mortgage and the house in the bag, don’t start buying more expensive things like furniture, appliances, and more, until after you officially have closed on the house and the keys are in your hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying with a credit card or cash. The mortgage company will see that your debt-to-income ratio has changed. The rule of thumb is to keep your credit utilization under 30%.

Don’t change jobs: If you can stick with your current job. Sometimes this part is out of your control, but during the application process, stay with the job you stated on the application. Even if you’re offered the job of your dreams with better pay. The mortgage company needs to see that you’ve been with your job consistently for a span of time and have the funds coming in to afford the payments each month.