Renting is great for people who don’t like staying stationary for more than a couple of years. However, if you’re planning on staying put and starting your family in a single area that you love, then it’s best to do your research and buy your dream home. Parkway Financial takes pride in helping you find and buy the perfect home for you. Here are just a few reasons why you should take that leap and buy yourself a home.

  • A Guaranteed Spot to Rest Your Head – Renting a place can be tricky, unpredictable and just lets you down. Depending on the type of lease that was signed, the landlord has the upper hand and can kick out tenants with very little notice. The standard notices are 30 days, but depending on the time of year and the area finding another place to live is very hard in 30 days. With your own house, you are guaranteed a bed to sleep at night. That is unless you have a dog who likes to sprawl.
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  • Spur of the Moment Changes Can Happen – Owning a house means there’s the freedom of changing it whenever the moment hits you. You want the beige wall to become a mural of the forest? All you need is some paints and time to create the masterpiece. It also means that animals are easy to have too. A lot of rented properties don’t allow animals, or if they do there are restrictions such as you can only have cats or small dogs. You’ll also be expected to pay an extra fee to have those animals. Having your own home allows for as many animals as the property allows. You can’t have a farm in a suburban area but you can 2 large dogs, 2 cats, and a couple of guinea pigs without any issue.
  • Repairs can happen quickly – Things break down and need to be repaired. You can’t really get around it. However, what’s frustrating is when you have to wait for someone else to get the work done. Some landlords are very busy and can’t get to repairs right away. It could take up to a week to get something fixed, such as a leaky pipe or the landlord might not even repair a sinking ceiling because it would not only involve your apartment but the upstairs apartment too. As a homeowner, if there’s a leaky pipe then you call the plumber and get it taken care of quickly. There’s a mold issue, you call the professionals and it gets sorted out. There’s no reluctant middle man to deal with.
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  • It’s Cheaper in the Long Run – When the numbers are first crunched it seems like a lot of money to invest when you’re buying a home. It can be a little overwhelming. However, did you know it’s actually going to save you money down the line? When you’re putting money into a rented property it’s only being applied to that month or the time period you’re there. With owning a home you’re putting that money into something that will be yours at the end. You own that property. Not only do you own it but you’ll end up paying less in property taxes because of various deductions you can get. It’s a win-win situation.
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